A book on Symposium 2013, has been reviewed in Clujul Medical

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Clujul Medical, Journal of Medicine and Pharmacy, No. 3, Vol 86, published in 2013., contains a book review by Alexandra Chira. In this post, we bring a full text of the review.

The recently published book ART AND SCIENCE IN LIFE POTENTIAL DEVELOPMENT AND SOPHROLOGY (ECHO-HOL MODEL) compiles contributions from various specialties: physicians, theologians, artists, therapists, psychologists; specialists in their fields, arising from different geographical areas with different experiences and sometimes unique points of view, but united by the passion for science.

Between the lines of the book, we may found that it was published on the occasion of the 7th International Symposium “Art and Science in Life Potential Development” under “the auspices of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia, with the support of the Croatian President”.

Sophrology and Echo-Hol model are innovative approaches, a result of a long journey of research, and constitute the central axis of the book.

The author, Prof. Dr. Miroslav Prastačić, is a prestigious member of the scientific community, professor at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences Department of Motric Disturbances, Chronic Diseases and Art Therapies. He is the author of “Psychosocial oncology, Sophrology and Complementary supportive therapies” which reveals valuable information not only about Psychosocial oncology, but also about interdiscipinarity, with a review of some complementary methods (therapies) in use, highlighting “the importance of implementing principles of interdiscipinarity”.

Among the writings in the book referring to art in conjunction with medicine, “Suicides and attempted suicides of the great composers” reveals unique information about/ upon illustrious personalities – “world- famous composers”.

From “Arts and Medicine Institute: Music and arts therapy in the United States of America” we find information about therapeutic arts, their purposes and some of their achievements.

Professor Dan L. Dumitrașcu, a unique personality and representative for academic elite of Cluj, signs ”Life style and gastric cancer” with up to date information from several studies, revealing some recent points of view on risk factors for gastric cancer.

Other inciting titles: “ The role of rhythm and music, in the learning process of autistic children”, “Regular class teachers’ preparation for inclusive education”, “Correlation between motivation and rehabilitation procedures in the personal care area of persons with visual impairment”, “Art in community development”.

The holistic approach is manifest from the first cover of the book – a cover photo by Mijo Kovačić “Storyteller” (The Cradle of Naive Art in Croatia), to the back cover, where we can find a collage of photos.

Multidisciplinary and multilingual (Croatian, English, French), the book is an open invitation to knowledge and development, keeping awake the reader’s attention through the whole “journey”.

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