8th International Symposium


September 20th-23rd 2017/ Split -Hvar /CROATIA

  Almost 20 years ago in the beautiful interior of the Old Theatre in Hvar , the oldest preserved popular theatre in Europe, on the Croatian island of Hvar (located near Split on the Adriatic coast), one of the cradles of Renaissance cultural vigor in this part of Mediterranean, the 1st International scientific conference of it’s kind worldwide, was held, under the title “Arts and Science in Life Potential Development”, which gathered experts- participants from various disciplines (biomedical, humanistic, social and other sciences…..), but also from the field of Arts.

Since then seven of these International symposia have been held at captivating locations in Croatia (Hvar, Lovran, Brioni…). Furthermore the topics of these symposia have been discussed at the University of Oxford within the ‘’The World Congress of Arts,
Science and Communication.’’


The previous conferences have been held under the auspices of the Croatian Ministries of Science, Health and Social Welfare, the President of the Republic of Croatia, Union International Against Cancer, Croatian League Against Cancer, Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences University of Zagreb, European Federation of Sophrology and European Consortium of Universities for Arts Therapies Education (ECArTE).

These symposia have been attended by numerous participants and experts from universities and clinical institutions, scientific and professional associations from Croatia and abroad (Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America).

The presented works of the participants were collected after the Symposia and published in three languages (Croatian, English and French).

International Symposia in Croatia, have become a traditional meeting point of experts in the fields of Culture, Science and Arts from various academic institutions, professional and scientific associations in Croatia and around the world.


The Symposium 2017 – is an anticipated collaboration of the

Croatian Association of Psychosocial Oncology and Arts in Therapy,
 Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Split

and other cooperating institutions…


…It is considered that an idea denotes a mental ideal or a paradigm and serves as a regulative principle in various forms of creation, that is, both in arts and in science.

Connecting the knowledge of different cultures and traditions, intuitive consciousness about the notion of human spirit and the connection between man and nature has also its deep ecological, holistic, transcultural and cosmic dimensionprof dr  Miroslav Prstačić

In this light the organizational board of the Symposium 2017 gathers the participants in different branches of the arts and sciences from Croatia and abroad – to share their knowledge, philosophy, talents and skills with others, and give the participants exclusive possibilities for acquiring knowledge about the culture of different parts of the World as well as some insight into different professions…
                           Preliminary program of the Symposium 2017


fine arts, music, dance and drama, poetry
and other complementary approaches

in pedagogy, applied didactics, rehabilitative/psychosomatic medicine, speech therapy, rehabilitative and conductive education, augmentative communication, pastoral theology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, ethnology, psychosocial oncology, occupational therapy, palliative care….


human’s planetary needs, African metaphysical-anthropological perspective- philosophy, culture, tradition and rituals, folklore, art…

3) FREE THEMES (Quodlibet) and WORKSHOPS

-art expression and the psychodynamics of interpersonal communication
(migrations at the beginning of the third millennium)

-archetypology, medicinal art, the sounds of the flute and harp

-music and guided imagination

-fine art exhibitions

-vibroacoustic therapy and augmentative communication

-basic outline of research protocol for the analysis of change
-clinical research in complementary therapies

-study specialization


If you would like to participate in the final program of the Symposium (with your lecture, poster- presentation, art exhibition, presenting the work of your institution or professional association…), and need additional information about the Symposium 2017 in Croatia (registration fee, application forms, abstract form, accommodation, conference venue, social activities, …)
please contact us

(preferably until February 10th 2017).


Croatian Association of Psychosocial Oncology, Sophrology and Arts in Therapy/
Hrvatska udruga za psihosocijalnu onkologiju, sofrologiju i art terapije

University Campus/ ERF, Borongajska cesta 83f, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

OIB: 25119428316

Season’s greetings and a happy and peaceful New Year!



Dorotea Barešić

Secretary of the Symposium 2017
Secretary of the Croatian Association of Psychosocial Oncology


Prof.dr. Miroslav Prstačić,

President of the Croatian Association of Psychosocial Oncology, Sophrology and Arts in Therapy