Art And Science In Life Potential Development

Plenary Sessions, Free papers, Workshops, Poster Sessions, Exibitions

Education, Diagnostics,  Therapy, Rehabilitation

Bioethics: health and illnes; Developmental Impairements, Traumas & Handicap; Inovation in Education and Therapy; Assistive Rehabilitation Tecnology; Deep Ecology & Holistic Approaches; Homo Scientivicus & Homo Religiosus; Bionical Man of the Third Millenium; Deontology & Interdisciplinary Communication

Symposium on Sophrology and Art/Expressive Supportive (Psycho) Therapies

Sophroanalysis, Sophrotherapy & Rehabilitation Sciences; Dinamic Relaxation;Consciousness: Prophylactic & Therapeutic Function of Creativity; Music, Drama, Fine Art, Dance… in Education, Diagnostics & Therapy; Study Moduls & Development of the Professional Identities

Psychosocial Oncology

Psychosomatic Pain; Life Potentials & Coping Mechanisms; Clubs of Oncology Patients; Complementary Supportive Therapies in Pediatric Oncology; Liasion Psychiatry & Sophrology; Breast Cancer &  Croatian Forum Europa Donna; Burn-out Syndrom; Clinical Experiences & Scientific Researches